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4:20 p.m. - 2007-03-19

Celebrating in High Fashion

For all the good that came from Friday - I'm making up for it today. Earlier today when I was thinking about blogging I came up with very creative, yet extremely expletive, entry titles.

I have since calmed down, and will resist the urge to explete!

Instead I will concentrate on my lovely Friday - which, I must add, actually began on Thursday night when my husband came home with 28 red roses and a carrot cake - All for me! I was thrilled, over the moon, all dreamy eyed, and re-in love with my husband. I so needed this thoughtfulness from him last week.

Friday morning he would not allow me to sleep in too late, as he wanted to give me his birthday wishes before he trundled off to work (I had the day off). So we sat together as I groggily sipped my coffee and opened his card and gift, as well as the card from my in-laws.

I must say that it felt kind of weird not to get anything (usually unwanted and unusual) from my mother. It is times like this that I am painfully reminded she is not amongst us anymore.

Later in the morning I gussied myself up – make up and all (a rare thing) and met some friends for lunch. After lunch I was off to spend my birthday gains and acquire myself some new cloths. Shopping is generally no my ‘thing’, but given special spending rights and a good mood – I could conquer the mall with nary a wink.

Three new tops, one new blue jean skirt, and a funky blue jean jacket later, and I hit my all time favourite kind of shopping - for my hobby, paper crafts and rubber stamping. Ohhhhh baby!!

I was definitely on a roll, and my day was far from over.

Closing in on my husband’s end of office day I picked him up and he treated me to “Happy Feet” at the IMAX theatre. Three rows from the front, and I thought I was going to be seal bate. There is nothing quite like sitting so close to a 6 storey movie screen. Fun none-the-less.

AFTER the larger than life penguin experience the hubby and I had a late night dinner invitation at friends. I was royally treated, and dinner was a (supposed) traditional Dutch event – Grammetta (sp?). Basically – you build and cook your own dinner over your own little fire in your own little fry pan. You design your own creation, and you have no one to blame but yourself if it tastes like bleck.

All in all it was quite the adventuresome day. A very happy birthday was had and thank you to all who dropped me a note of well wishing. I appreciated all thoughts.

The rest of the weekend ….. well…. It doesn’t really matter now, does it. That’s an entry for another day.

Blessings - LJ

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