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1:20 p.m. - 2007-01-08

Stuff weekends are made of

We took down Christmas on Saturday. It didn’t take long; I think we only managed to put up a total of 9 decorations on our pre-lit fake tree. Neither on of us could muster the energy to do a whole lot more in the decoration department. I’m sure we’ll do better next year.

While running some errands, after de-decorating, I came across and purchased one of my favourite on-line computer games on sale “Jewel Quest”. Silly game really, but I like playing it. I liked playing it so much on Saturday night that I managed to wile away three and a ˝ hours. I suppose this can be construed as a good thing, because otherwise I would have been rushing to be busy. I don’t give myself permission to lay-low. It does become dangerous when on simple computer game takes up an entire Saturday evening. I’ll be watching that bad habit.

It’s back to semi-normal Monday today. Work is doing its usual thing, although my boss in on a three month sabbatical - which makes the office a little on the weird side. People are slowly returning back after holidays. And the grind winds up. Next stop – Easter!

Life goes on .....

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