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4:59 p.m. - 2007-01-05

It's come to this

I finally went to see my doctor yesterday. She concurred, and I knew she would, that I am in a depression. Depression has been a common companion over the years, and I should have seen the signs earlier.

I look over the past year and there seemed to be so many little things that have added up.

To be honest = I didn't do well over Christmas, and completely falling apart after 10 days off was the camel that broke the straws hat. No to mention, my writing here hasn't been that great. That should have been my bigger pointer. (LOL)

I've been put on an anti-depressant, and given some sleeping pills (don't worry, I don't have any thoughts of suicide). I am hopeful at the thought of gaining some much needed rest. I am my own worst enemy, I will push myself to 'do' even when I don't want to, and most especially don't need to. This comes from years and years of trying to make it look like I've got it all together.

And I Don't!! Not in the least.

My wonderful, caring, special Doctor has also told me to find a counsellor. This doesn't surprise me, and I'm not at all adverse to the thought.

Now, don't feel sad for me. I am now on the upwards path. Do, however, keep me in your thoughts and prayer. Those I treasure most.

I won't stop writing here. This is great therapy for me, and the one things I've recently learned for sure, is that I love knowing your out there. You are one of my communities. I need you.

Have a seriously wonderful weekend. God bless each of you.

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