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12:47 p.m. - 2006-11-07

One too many CSI's!

Neither T nor I slept very well last night. Not entirely sure why.

All I do know is that I had distressing, continuous dreams last night. I would even wake up, get up, and then come back to bed only to pick up the dream where I left off.

What did I dream about? You may ask …..? I dreamt that I was in “CSI: Miami” and all of the evidence from a crime scene that we had collected had been tampered with. Photos had been touched up, blood splatters had been re-arranged, and some evidence was just plain missing.

I must have woken up three times with built up frustration from the dream, and an inability to shake the dream. It simply would not leave my mind and let me sleep.

Quite possibly, this is proof positive that I can’t watch more than one forensic type show in any given evening. Between what we had recorded and what was live – I think I sat through two and a half “CSI: Miami’s”. Seriously - too much mystery for one little brain.

I hereby vow that tonight WILL be different!!! I’ll draw the line a “House”!

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Thanks Claire Bug for this one.

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