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1:48 p.m. - 2006-11-06

Three questions answered x 2

Happy Freaking Monday! It’s a miserable, wet, dreary, Victoria-wintery, yucky, did I say ‘wet’?, verging on flooding, wet kind of day.

Bottom line though is that I can’t complain - at least its not snowing! I’m just concerned for the lovely people around here who live in basements. Not so good for them.

Anyway – the weekend is over. It went far too quickly in my books, and we really didn’t get up to doing much. Which of course, is what I wanted/needed, but weekends never seem to be long enough. I did manage to complete another 12 of my Christmas Cards. Are YOU on my Christmas card list? You can be. You just need to e-mail me a mailing address. It’s that easy.

If you recall from my Friday entry I asked you to send me three questions. (Friday Feaster being on holiday’s and all). Two of you answered the call. Two brave individual with highly imaginative brains thought up three questions each. Thank you to Spark Spark and to Catie-Dids for playing along with me. Here is what they came up with …….

From Spark Spark:
1. If your favourite band was a dessert, what would it be, and why?
Couple of things hard to answer here – one) I don’t have a favourite band. I really don’t follow music much. I used to – but that was the 80’s and a different time. Two) I really try to shy away from desert. I love sweets, but they aren’t very kind to me.
So …… where does that leave an answer for me? Since acquiring our widescreen TV my husband is renewing his youth by purchasing all his favourite bands (from the 80’s) DVD’s of their concerts. So yesterday, I was treated (from another room in the house) to the sounds of Supertramp and Talking Heads. Much like desert – they are comfort food and should only be taken in in moderation - Too much sugar and too much reflection of a youthful figure lost.

2. You are allowed three items on a desert island. All three items must fit inside a shoebox, and cannot contain sulphur or wood products. What are the items?
Ewwww that wily Spark Spark – no dim bulb there!
Three items eh ….. well, my first choice would be a flint! Ha!! You thought you could get me on the “no sulphur or wood products” thing didn’t you!?! So, yes – I choose to take a flint for obvious reasons. Ummmm …. Next I’d take a solar powered Gameboy to keep me company. They haven’t invented one yet, but since we’re all in dreamland anyway …..
And thirdly, and lastly – a small travel pillow. They are rather useless in the grand scheme of things because they are so small, but if I’m going to be playing Gameboy, by the fire I’m going to want some small comfort for my head. Besides, when I get tired of my surroundings I’ll just walk over the next sand dune to the local Ramada Inn and feast away. You did say “desert island” not ‘deserted island’.

3. You have just realized that you have the ability to communicate directly with a deity who inhabits the moon. What would you ask him or her?
Well first off – it would have to be a female deity because it is the moon, and we all know that there is no gravity (hence no weight) on the moon. A celestial body near heaven!
What would I ask her? How can she handle all that moon dust everyday? That can’t be good for ones complexion.

And from Ms. Catie-Dids:

1) How did you and the man meet?
A frequently asked question actually, but the long and the short of it – here at the church we attend and I work. He volunteered in our Children’s Sunday morning program. I spied him across the room, and made introductions. It took almost 10 months, and two ex-girlfriends (on his part), but he finally got the right girl – ME!!! And that was over 5 years ago now.
Side note to that: he tells me that he met me before my first recollection, but he had a beard at the time, and I KNOW that if I met him when he had a beard I would have dismissed him. I never trust a guy with a beard – he must be hiding something. Lesson to all you single women – don’t be so quick to dismiss a guy based on what you’re eye sees first. There could be something surprising lurking underneath.

2) You talk about a torrid upbringing, but you have to have one solid happy memory - what is it?
That’s actually a tough question for me. Because of my “torrid” upbringing (as you put it) I find many of my memories slightly tainted because of an ‘agenda’ that either one, or both of my parents might have had.
That said – with my mom’s recent passing I reflected a lot on my early memories of my mom’s and my relationship (pre-school days). Through the eyes of a child most things are magical. Specifically: hearing the song “Hey There Georgia Girl”, and “Downtown”, (both sung by Petula Clark I think) harkens me back to walking every where with my mom. My mom never learned to drive and so the only transportation for the two of us was walking. Walking to the Library. Walking to get groceries. Walking to the shops. Walking to a coffee date at a friends house. But most fondly – walking to Woolworths, sitting at the café bar, and while mom drank a coffee – I drank the cream out of the little glass creamers they used to come in.

3) If you could live anywhere in the world but could never leave a 50 mile radius from that place, where would you go?
Exactly where I live now. Think about it …. I live on an island. I live on the southern most tip of this island. It may only be 450 miles long, but I rarely even travel 50 miles north of here. It’s as close to paradise as I can live, even with a few more items than are stated in the answer to SparkSpark’s question number 2. Paradise I tell you!


And that ends our trivia lesson for the day. I’m more that willing to entertain anyone else who wants to throw three questions at me. But it’s hard to top what these two lovely ladies came up with. Give me a challenge. It forces me to think creatively, and I like that.

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