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2:24 p.m. - 2006-11-08

Label or not?

I admit it!

I admit I label things. In fact, I can safely say that I need to label things. I donít mean demeaning labels. I donít like calling people names, although Ė I am guilty of it.

I believe that labelling is something that people do instinctively. I found this quote on the internet, and I couldnít have said it better - so I wonít.

ďOh oh Iím sooooooo alternative because I donít label people and labels are bad and if we donít label people the world will be a better place' True people, if we didnít label people the world would be a better place but the trouble is YOU DO LABEL AND ALWAYS WILL DO.

Any time you say that person is normal or a trendy or an alternative or something like that THATíS LABELLING. I know people who think theyíre anti labeling and still do that and laugh at the 'trendies'. Grow up.

Every time you call someone male or female THATíS LABELLING. If we didnít have any of this then we would truly be equal, but then no one would be individual. If everyone was equal life would be boring.

The only people who are 'anti labeling' are the people who are scared of what they might be labeled with.

If we were all androgyny, beautiful, and wore jump suits, if male and female were one and the same, then we could be anti labeling. But the worlds not like that Iím afraid, get used to it, learn to cope that people will always label you as something and you will always be pigeonholed as something. - Glitter Graphics, My Chemical Romance, Glitter Love, MySpace Graphics, MySpace Codes, MySpace layouts, Doll Codes, Glitter Words

What do you think? Are you a Labeller or an Anti-Labeller? Keeping in mind that by even thinking that through that makes you a labeller.

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