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9:49 a.m. - 2006-06-30

I missed a good party

In the middle of the night (I know not the time), I was totally asleep when I sat bolt upright in my bed and quickly turned the light on. I kinda sorta woke up, turned to my semi-sleeping husband, patted him on the hip and said "It's alright honey, go back to sleep".

At which point I turn my light back off, lie down and drift back into dreamland.

This morning my husband asks me "What were you dreaming about last night? You shouted 'OK, Lets Go!!' excitedly, sat bolt upright in the bed, turned the light on. Then just as quickly turned the light off and went back to sleep".

Whatever could I have been dreaming? All I know for sure is I'm exhausted this morning. Must have been a heck of a good time!

Have a happy long weekend ...
Canada Day tomorrow July 1st
Independence day on Tuesday, July 4th, but somehow I think you'll all wrangle Monday off too. How does that work?


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