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3:59 p.m. - 2006-06-29

Thinking outside my head

Thinking outside of my head ….
Almost seems like an oxymoron really. I’ve been talking inside my head for years …

I digress ….

As I’ve mentioned in recent entries, our church office (my place of employment) is on the hunt for a new Receptionist. Through the job posting, resume submissions, short listing, and interview process we’ve managed to come down to one applicant that we all like. However, as qualified as this women is, as ready to move on from where she is now she hasn’t quite comprehended the meaning of working for a church, or working “in” ministry. Admittedly, this woman has been working for several years in a union position, and you can be darn sure that ‘union’ position pays a great deal more than your average church office person. Hence, I think – she will say no to us.

But back to my “thinking outside my head” – an associate and I were talking about the receptionist position and the feelings that the lady of our choice would not accept given the tightness of the church funds – he fell upon the concept that I develop that position and morph it in with my present one (administrative assistant to the Executive Pastor). He furthered it to say that he felt I was ideally suited for this position on a number of levels, not the least of which is I have the right personality (pleasant, kind, yet strong in boundaries) , and have more than adequate skills.

I would, of course, have to ask for a raise, but I would also be assisting the church in easing up on the budget belt because they wouldn’t have to hire. (We (the church) are in need of more funding.)

This is a thought that has briefly crossed my mind on a couple of occasions, but was always dismissed rapidly. This dismissal came with precursory reminders of the past and the unhealthy place I had found myself in during my first year and a half as an employee here. Not a good time - - yet - - coming up to 8 years - - I’m still here - - three positions later - - for some reason God keeps keeping me here.

Is this Receptionist/Administrative Assistant something I should be considering? Can I explain the anxiety I feel surrounding the potential of taking this on? Would it be the right thing to do, certainly would be for the church, but what about me …. or is that a selfish thought? Is this job shift what God want’s me to do?

I don’t know. I’m only thinking outside of my head at the moment.

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