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4:13 p.m. - 2006-06-06

Heaven would be ....?

What would Heaven look like for you?

As a believer in Jesus Christ as Lord, I find many inferences in the Bible as to what we might expect to find there. But also there is a certain amount of vagueness.

Personally – as much as I can’t wait to be in Heaven and meeting God face to face, I’d kinda like to believe that there is a little more to it than worshipping, and singing (in a giant choir – in perfect voice) to Him all day. Maybe playing some tennis on Tuesday’s, or crafting night with the Angel Gabriel. Or say … horseback riding every afternoon.

The Bible does talk about us being fully restored, and an extremely vane part of me is hoping that I’ll be an ideal 135 lbs on this 5’2” frame.

So … what would your Heaven look like? Send me your thoughts, and I’ll post a Part II if there is anyone who wants to play.

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