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9:26 a.m. - 2006-06-08

Ideas about Heaven

I had some computer struggles yesterday and was unable to post. Im back in the saddle today. For your reading pleasure


Thank you to my three readers for supplying your thoughts on Heaven. Anyone else who wants to join in please read my previous entry.

Here are the responses:
From Becka(shes from Australia)
There's a commercial over here for chocolate..everything is made of chocolate..that would be my heaven ;o) but seriously i'd love to meet my grandfather and grandmother that i only ever met once, along with my dear grandma and my little sister and my daughter, i'd also be able to sing beautifully and ..i could go on and on :)

And from Beth (On-A-String at D-land but shes locked)
My heaven will be filled with a choir who gets along, has great tone quality and has all day practices. There will be swimming pools and I will also be the center of attention in a group that laughs at all my joke. I will own my own comedy club and everyone will love me. The sky will always be starry and the water will be so amazingly clear. That's what my heaven will be like:)

And the lovely Claire
Actually, I do believe the Bible has quite a bit to say about heaven! :) And, I do think we will be doing more than what you mentioned. Doing well so far? I do know we will be at a perfect weight for our height and since there won't be any sin, we will not over eat. Yea!!! Yet, we will enjoy the food fully, along with fellowship. I do think we will have "work" to do but it won't be a drudgery for us and we will actually experience joy and satisfaction from we were originally meant to do. This is probably enough for now.... ;)

Nicely done ladies!


It feels like I say this lot, but I am so tired, and Im tired of being tired.

Whaaaa whaaaa whaaa

What is my system not getting? On second thought strike that. It know its not getting enough air, vitamins, sunshine, (quality) rest, and a few other things. Ever year I seem to promise myself that this summer is going to be different. THIS summer Im going to ..

And my list begins.

Every fall I seem to come up empty handed. This is going to sound mean, but getting out seemed so much easier when I was single. Even when I was dating T we got out and walked more, talked more, got exercise more. What the heck happened when we said I do?

Ok, ok so this summer is going to be different. No, REALLY, it is!

But dont hold it against me in the fall if it doesnt. :-)

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