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3:05 p.m. - 2006-06-05

Surrealism continues

All in all it’s just another brick in the wall . . .

Speaking of Rock Opera’s, I felt like our entire weekend was surreal. Besides my previous employer’s establishment burning completely to the ground, we watched a couple of movies on extreme ends of a pendulum swing from each other.

On Friday Saturday night we watched Tommy, a 1975 Rock Opera from the “Who”. In the 80’s I purchased the album (yes – I said album. Good old fashioned vinyl), I’m really not sure why. But I knew all the lyrics even though I didn’t really understand the plot. Last Friday night was the very first time I’d actually sat down and watched the movie. Between the music and the cameo appearances from a variety of film (now) icons, I finally got a better understanding to all the words I had memorized way back when. What a weird story! And to think – we now own it.

Speaking of weird stories … the other movie we watch was ….. drum roll please …. my favourite Sponge …. “Spongebob Squarepants: the Movie”. To be fair, I so much more enjoyed this movie while watching it at home on our own television. It’s seemed so much more suitable than on the big screen with kids yelling out, throwing popcorn, and talking at the wrong times. Ok, so that was just me, and the privacy of my own living room afforded me more overdramatic exuberance. LOL!

No, really. T bought this for me just the other week because he found it on sale. It will be a movie that I pull out on the occasions that I just want a simple form of entertainment and an easy laugh.

Now that I’ve made T sit through both Tommy and Spongebob, I told him that I would sit through his movie Pink Floyd the Wall”.

Only seems fair – even if I was never a big Pink Floyd fan. But hey, we own that one too.

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