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1:48 p.m. - 2005-02-17

4 simple questions

I've made an executive decision and I'm taking tomorrow off! Ya, you heard me right .... I'm taking a mental health day, AND I'm gonna lov' it!

Hopefully - I have a afternoon tea break date with the one and only Laura-Jane. Pssst!!... Did you know it's her birthday today? Ya, it is, go suprise her and leave her a little love note.

Anyway - since I'm tapped out mentally this week I've decided to leave you with a project -
1) What is the one website you have to visit every day, or every time you sit at your computer? (and no, this is not where you suck up to me and say my page. Be honest.)

2) What is the one site you keep going back to, but you don't know why?

3) What is the funniest website you vist?

4) What started you blogging in the first place?

Use my "Sign my Guestbook", or go into my profile and "leave me a note". I'll post my answer on my next entry, and any of your's who are brave enough to play with me.

Have a great weekend! Love ya - LJ

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