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10:25 a.m. - 2005-02-16

The Umbrella

Yesterday was a rough day, and I looked like I’d met a Mack truck face on. Not a pretty sight. Thank you to all who sent encouraging notes. You know who you are, and I appreciate you more that I can say.

I fell into bed at 8 o’clock last night, after spending the day fending off more tears and a migraine. I won the war against the tears, but not against the migraine. Medicated, I eventually succumbed to the haven of slumber.

Today dawns bright, but I still feel like I could use some extra shut-eye. I am contemplating taking most of Friday off in lieu of last Saturday’s in-office time to get our Family and Children’s Ministry newsletter out. We call it “The Umbrella” (my inspiration, but I won’t explain how I came to it), and I have a wonderful time putting it together. With the exception of the nagging I need to do to get the leaders of the different mini-ministries to get their reports or submissions in to me.

I derive the most fun by hunting the Internet for puzzles, jokes, and cartoons for the kid’s page. As the evolution of “The Umbrella” has come around it has been a constant struggle to maintain a certain level of kid friendly info. Articles written by leaders for parents take up much of it. When the origin of this newsletter was more for the kids, in the hopes that the parents would get an insight into what the kids where doing.

What started out as a two page (one sheet back to back) of websites, games, jokes, and a list of kids who had accomplished their memorization verses, has turned into 8 pages of submissions, calendar’s, pictures from events, and some kid friendly items. I’m just thankful I haven’t been asked to submit anything (writing wise). It’s one thing for me to write here, it’s a completely different animal to write where people I have to talk to on a regular basis would read. Just the thought of that makes me laugh.

Anyway – all that to say that I successfully got out our 3rd issue this year on Saturday, and passed out on Sunday. They even gave it (and me) a plug from the pulpit! Talk about blush’! I was not expecting my name to be linked with this noble excuse for a slick little throw away. I’m only the modern day version of a type-setter … Geesh!

I am already on the hunt for materials for the next edition, due out early April. Oh, what fun!!!

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