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11:49 a.m. - 2005-02-21

Weekends and websites

I had a much needed, much enjoyed couple of days of Friday and Saturday. To the point that my husband commented that I seemed much more relaxed on Saturday. I really hadnít thought it had been that bad, but if the hubby notices Ė then there must be a difference.

I had tea with a good friend. A visit I needed much more that I realized. (Thanks!!). Then the rest of the weekend was pretty much doiní a whole lot of nothiní. I even found time to do some crafting.

My thanks to three people who played website questionnaire. Here are my answers, and following is theirs:
1) What is the one website you have to visit every day, or every time you sit at your computer? Iím a real routine type person, at least in some areas. But right AFTER check in on all my diary readings Ė I check in on Big-Boys. Itís a side of me Iím almost embarrassed to admit to, but I donít look at anything questionable. I suppose it explains why I like watching ďAmericaís Funniest Home Videoís.

2) What is the one site you keep going back to, but you don't know why? See the answer to question 1.

3) What is the funniest website you vist? Oh my, I hadnít intended this to happen, but again you must look to my answers to question 1 and 2. However, I often look to Chickie-Legs, Pork tornado, and often Ricky. (Although I suspect he doesnít know it.)

4) What started you blogging in the first place? Easiest answer Iíve come up with all day!! None other than my name sake (although her parents donít know it) Laura-Jane. You can blame all this . . . on her. And I love her for it.

Well, for the results youíve all been waiting for . . . . First we hear from:


1) For the last few months I've really enjoyed Litblitz. Besides the fact that she is nice like you (she ends all her posts with "Thank you for reading" and she answers all her comments), she is also working hard at being a writer. I have those aspirations too, but not the drive. I am living through her achievements. 2) My coworker's. I had a crush on him and he was extremely nasty to me. He had a crush on me too but for him it was more fun to make fun of my lack of physical attributes or personality flaws. I don't want to have anything to do with him any more, I avid talking to him at work, I stop him from talking to me, but I keep checking his blog. 3) Hands down, it should be Albino Neutrino. Only I haven't been in a laughing mood for months. 4) To save on dial-up costs when I lived in Japan, I thought I would write a post and then all my friends could read it. At first I was shy and wrote all about books and gardening. Now mostly strangers read so I feel a bit more outgoing from behind my cloak of anonymity. I also enjoy reading Mugwhump! (ahhhh schuck little missy!)

Then from Tales of a Farmwife

I have about twenty five blogs that I try to read every day! My friend since grade 1 is the first one I read each day. I started blogging simply to journal my life as I want to be able to remember these special days with my children. Journaling online allows my family and friends from far away to stay in touch. The bonus has been the rich friendships I've been developing through it :-)

And last but not least - X Facta (a new connection from down unda)

Here's my 4 simple answers: Everytime I sit at my computer the site I always have to go to is bloglines - to see which of my favourite bloggers has something new to share with the world. The site I keep going back to but don't know why is my own blog!?! Wondering what the purpose or point is and if I'm wasting time on it. The funniest web site I visit is - I used to work in a Christian publishing house - and when it all got a bit much, I'd surf into lark for a laugh. They are totally irreverent and don't take themselves too seriously. I started blogging to keep up the daily discipline of writing and interacting with the world, even though I am no longer employed as an editor. A way to keep my hand in, and to learn a bit about web technology along the way - a good resume add-on.

Thank you people. That was fun. We sometimes need to think outside of the box. Or at least I do, and I thought this would be a good way to do it.

Enjoy! - LJ

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