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12:07 p.m. - 2005-02-09

Not much to say, but . . .

It’s been a slow week on the news front around here. I did dream that my husband bought me a cottage on Gabriola Island though. Yes, well “on” Gabriola isn’t exactly right. The house was actually fifty feet from the shore, and surrounded by two feet of water. The living space of the cottage was high and dry, but the crawl space underneath was a little wet. We were just waiting for a tow truck to come and pull the house closer the dry ground. I was already planning on how we would spend summers and weekends up there.

Amazing Race is over for a few weeks. A new race starts on March 1st. I was a little disappointed in the couple that won. I was really rooting for the team that came in 2nd (Chris and Jon). Kendra and Freddy (winners) were obnoxious, narrow-minded models. While racing in India, Kendra is quoted as saying “there is so much poverty … and these people keep breeding …”, and while racing in Ethiopia … “The poverty is so much nicer around here. These people must choose to be poor.” …

Ya, right …..!

Anyway, I only have to wait three weeks and a whole new bunch of folks are out gallivanting around the world to win one million dollars.

Speaking of winning one million dollars . . . My most favourite of reality (I use the term lightly) show starts next week – Survivor 10: Palau. I’ve checked out the website, and I already have idea’s on who might make it, who might not.

Enough TV talk. You’d think my world revolves around the TV guide … well in fact sometimes it does. I’m very thankful for the invention of the VCR. Like tonight, for instance, I’ll be taping “Gilmore Girls” … enough TV talk I said!

T and I are joining a new bible study group tonight. Mr. Introvert shies away from the social, but loves the studies. Mrs. Semi-Introvert isn’t to keen on the studies, but likes the social aspect. What a pair. It will be good for both of us. They only meet once every two weeks. Which is nice on the scheduling side of things. Some weeks are harder to get through than others. The one problem I have with going to a Small Group or Bible Study Group through our own church is that I don’t get much of a chance to take my ‘work’ cap off. I do not have a 9-5, Monday – Friday job. I can’t just turn it off. Don’t get me wrong – I still very much love my job, but sometimes … it would be nice to pretend to put it on the sideline and be a regular church attendee. Does that make sense?

I’m rambling – which means its time to update and run. I have another entry rumbling away in my head, but for now . . . .

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