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9:00 a.m. - 2005-02-04

Thank Goodness It's Friday

Weird dreams were slightly less weird over the last two nights. Although, I was doing a lot of running around and heavy lifting in last nights dreams. Whatever ....

I have one more test this afternoon. I hope it's the last for a long while. I'm tired of giving up my Friday afternoons for my health ....

No, that not right ....

My health is important to me, its just that I'm a little tired of getting poked, prodded and 'finger wagged' at. I do enough finger wagging at myself, I don't need my doctor doing it too.

Whine, bitch, and complain!

Sorry about that. It's been a long busy week, and too many restless nights are adding up to an exhausted, migrained, bitchy attidude. (I apologze for using the 'b' word)

Oh, the sweet sweet state of blissful slumber ... restful, dreamless slumber. Maybe tonight. From my lips to God's ear.

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