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12:09 p.m. - 2005-02-02

More dreams, and just plain weirdness

Another night of weird dreams … Last night I was dreaming that I was teaching in a small private school. I only had 8 or so students (only one of which was a boy), and I was trying to make life-learning lessons out of each child’s individual quirks or fears. I knew it was a private school because they all had school uniforms. The girls were in kilts and jackets, and boy in suit pants and jacket. Each jacket had a school coat of arms blazoned into the left breast pocket.

I can’t remember any of the life lessons now, but I do remember that I was proud of my way of teaching. And that it was a challenge to turn a negative situation into a positive one and have them learn from it.

What I find rather funny is that I’ve never really had yearnings to teach. I like kids well enough (I’d better, that’s sort of what I’m in the business of), but have no inclinations to become one. I have a tremendous respect for any who do.

We will see if this dreaming trend will continue. As mentioned before, I generally dream a lot, but they haven’t been quite as rampant as of late. I didn’t tell you that I dreamt about meeting Farmer’s Wife on Sunday night. I dreamt that I went to their farm and they took me on a tour of the homestead, animals, and farm equipment. Very nice people! I enjoyed my day on the farm immensely.

On a different note – T and I rented two movies on Friday night. “The Village”, and “Super-size Me”. I believe it was Twinsie who’d seen “The Village” and thought it a bad movie. I found it mildly entertaining. It had an unusual twist that I almost saw coming, but didn’t fully realize. I very much enjoyed the acting job done by Bryce Dallas Howard (the director Ron Howard’s daughter), the young heroine in the story. She was brilliant, and this was her first movie. I’m glad we rented and didn’t pay theatre prices to see though. It wasn’t quite worth that.

“Super-size Me” I rented specifically to show my husband what he was doing to his body by being a semi-frequent flyer of McDonald’s. I don’t believe this movie will deter my husband from eating there, but I will probably have second thoughts, or at least question my menu choice when going. I know many of you puritans will be scowling at me because I’ve admitted to consumption of McD’s products – but you know how the commercials go. “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful …” Or in this case – don’t hate me because I enjoy a heaping bowl of cholesterol ridden kidney killen’ burger, and fries that will never mould.

Now that really doesn’t sound very appetizing does it? On second thought - I may never eat there again.

Ciao (or should I say ‘chow’) - LJ

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