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10:43 a.m. - 2004-10-01


In our household T and I have an expression Ive decided we . . .
This is a useful beginner to express a need, want, or desire that the confronted spouse must be open to. (must is a strong word, but given that we generally use the expression tongue in cheek Im sure youll understand the intent).

So . . . Ive decided we . . . . (go with me here folks this we implies YOU) will be using the Word of the Day link that Ive posted on my side-bar. I LOVE words. I love using unusual words. Im always looking for new words (to me) that express a thought or feeling differently. So thats why I added that link. Im going to try to intentionally use the word Im given from this link on any given day, and work it into my entries.

But on to our word of the day Enunciate 1) to say or pronounce clearly. 2) set out precisely or definitely. (Concise Oxford Dictionary)

When Im a little nervous, or even a little hyper I tend to enunciate my words very precisely. Clipped tones are emitted from my lips without much forethought. I think I do this out of a need to be heard. A need to have my point expressed clearly. (I was unheard in family as a child).

So, when I was first seeing T I was naturally a little nervous. I really wanted to be myself, and yet thoroughly impress this guy. I thought he was pretty wowzer from the beginning. After a few months of spending time together, and innumerable conversations, he shyly asks me Why do you enunciate your words so much. It used to really bug me, but Im getting used to it now. At first I was a little hurt, it is not something that I do on purpose. But then I realized that in my attempts to be me this is part and parcel of the person he has come to love. And it didnt seem to be a great deterrent to him.

After 3 years, and uncountable conversations, I still find myself enunciating my words when were in an in-depth conversation. My old patterns resurface quickly, but T has become accustomed to it and no longer comments.

Cheers - LJ

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