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11:00 a.m. - 2004-10-04

Effective and efficient

Isn’t it nice when someone unexpectedly thinks of you? This weekend I received an e-mail from and of a fellow blogger. In the e-mail was included a picture of this blogger and his special other. They requested I keep their anonymity. So I won’t be sharing. But I was touched that this person felt comfortable enough to share a bit of themselves.

Then on Sunday, a friend at church, sidled up to me and said “We were thinking about you yesterday . . . .” and handed me a SpongeBob Squarepants Halloween Candy Buddy. Which is a three inch (or so) plastic figurine of Spongebob dressed up like Frankenstein, carrying his pumpkin treat bucket, little bolts coming out of his square hard, scar across his temple, and his head opens to let you at the candy that is held in his body. How thoughtful!!!

Awww . . . the silly things that give me a great deal of pleasure.

T and I started to organize our upcoming holidays this weekend. See Laura-Jane, we can ‘plan’ something’s together! I was playing Animal Crossing on the Gamecube on Saturday morning when I had this epiphany (I love epiphany’s – they can be so enlightening). I recalled having a conversation with a friend who went to Disneyland last year. They had found a book called The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland. It talks, at length, about the most effective, efficient way to see, experience, and do Disneyland. So I called up my friend and told her our near departure plans, and could we please borrow the book.

Well - one look at the book (theirs being the 2001 edition) just made us hungry to see if there was a newer edition available. We had to go down to BCAA to talk to them about discounts, maps, and hotel information anyway.

But before we headed down to Chapters we stopped into BCAA to pick up the above-mentioned info. When it came time to leave BCAA we departed with: three books on hotels and attractions for Washington and Oregon State, Northern California, and Southern California, and several maps of the areas. Also jammed into my back pack (we travelled on the motorcycle because the weather was so wonderful) we purchased our 5 for 3 day Disneyland/ California Adventure Park tickets, as well as our 2 days for 1 Universal Studio’s tickets. I might add that I was glad the books and maps were free (a value of close to $100), because the Park tickets came to $450 Canadian (not so free, but now taken care of and cheaper than if we’d waited until we were down there).

THEN we went to Chapters where we absolutely HAD TO purchase the newest edition of the Unofficial Guide.

Guess what we did for the rest of the weekend?

I know almost everything there is to know about Disneyland, California Adventure Park, and Universal Studio’s Theme Park. We’re still working on the most efficient ways to see and experience everything they have to offer. T has loosely agreed to follow a pre-set itinerary - that in it self is a wonder.


I only wish they had a Spongebob Squarepants Theme Park . . . .

Cheers - LJ

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