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8:15 p.m. - 2007-03-05

Second Friday of Five on a Monday Night

I'm a little late with this one. Sorry about that.

I wasn't able to have as restful a Friday as I had hoped. First my husband stayed home from work because he had the flu, and then I had a funeral to go to in the afternoon.

I've found that if I don't totally protect my Friday's that they get swallowed up very quickly. Other than a lunch date, I have nothing on the horizon for this Friday. I may actually make it to the video store and rent a bunch of movies I can't get my husband to watch with me. We'll see.

I did splurge a little on myself on the weekend though. I did something completely luxurious (in my mind) for myself. My T was busy in his hobby room working on his Pickle Factory, so I took my laptop to bed and watched one of 'my' movies - Pride and Prejudice (2007). It was wonderful ..... ahhhhh ..... Except after the movie was finished at 11:00pm I was completely unable to fall asleep. TWO AM and I'm still wide awake! I did the cat litter. I cleaned the kitchen. I set up coffee for the next morning. I worked on some of my cards. I watched some TV.

Still, I did really enjoy being able to curl up in bed and watch a lovely romantic movie.

This combats the tensions that abounds in our office. We're under a bit of financial strain. Or "Crisis" if you prefer. At present we have around 12 or so full time staff and 10-15 part time staff. It was announced that 10 people will be having their jobs cut or modified within the next two weeks.

This isn't really news, but the number of staff being affected is.

Although I've been with the church for 8 years, and am the third highest on the seniority list - I don't believe there is a single staff member who's job is completely safe. We have 5 Pastor's and even they aren't safe. So needless to say - we're all a little bit on edge these days. It's not fun working in this kind of unknowing environment. Which only makes me treasure my few Friday's off all the more.

One of those "few" Friday's just happens to be my birthday. You can be assured I'll be treating myself extra special then.

Well, as you can see I'm all over the place. It's probably why its taken me so long to update - I just haven't known where to start. But I did, and you can consider yourself updated.

God Bless - LJ

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