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6:56 p.m. - 2006-08-15

Post Doctor Visit

I went for my doctor appointment this afternoon. (If you don't know why, then please read previous entry) It went fairly well, and as anticipated there are a few tests ahead of me.

She asked me to go directly and have an ECG done as well as some blood tests. I will report back in two weeks to her. She mentioned that I will probably need to go see a cardiologist as well, but we'll wait for the test results first.

AND ... seeing that, on a psuedo calm day, my blood pressure was still 170 over 110 (not good) she's put me on high blood pressure medication. Yippy! Not!

Whinning over! Maybe I'll start to feel a little better now? Maybe with these drugs I'll be a little less tired all the time. One can only hope. One can also only hope that this was just a really really really bad case of heart burn, and not a mild heart attack.

Well my sweeties - not an exciting - scream it on the mountain tops - kind of entry, but I promised you I'd keep you posted.

Better writing tomorrow!

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