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3:54 p.m. - 2006-02-27

Redesigning Mugwhumpland

There is an unusual evolution going on in our home.

Several months ago a new channel was added to our basic cable. A channel that had once been a regular part of my viewing, but was one amongst the higher feed levels.

HGTV Canada The Home and Garden Network.

I love this channel. It brings me much joy.

Unbeknownst to me my husband was also becoming quite addicted to watching certain programs there Holmes On Homes, Debbie Travis, and our ultimate favourite Hot Properties (which is in fact a British program).

Also unbeknownst to me was that the husband was formulating new ideas about rooms within our little house.

This all came to head on Saturday morning. There I was quietly sipping my non-rushed, wonderful tasting weekend coffee when out from his mouth comes Id like to change this living room around.

You could have blown me over with a feather I was so taken back from his admission. Ive wanted to change this room around for almost two years. Truth be told, I need to change up furniture placement at lease twice a year. So you can see that I elated at this news. Little did I know that it would send our household into a complete and utter turmoil for the entire weekend.

I tend to hold our family wallet very close to my chest. I am always hesitant to launch into any kind of spending unless it is of utmost importance. My husband, on the other hand, feels that if we need/want it we purchase it. (This is not to say that he isnt careful about the spending hes very careful Im just more cautious). So as our conversation began to build surrounding the possibilities of our living room, the need for purchases also increased. And a trip to Home Outfitters was quickly becoming a reality.

I wont go into the trials and tribulations of shopping with my husband, it follows much the same lines as our expenditures due. Im a quick and decisive shopper, and . well hubby is not. Nuff said.

The dismantling of the room came first. And a lot of bargaining came with it. Should we keep this? Should we get rid of thi? Can we store this? Would someone else want this? Can I give this away?/p>

I digress Only part of our weekends adventure was able to take place by Saturday night. The basic moving around of the furniture was done, but the hanging of new curtains and new rods would have to wait until Sunday. That part took real mans labour, and after an afternoon and evening of moving furniture I was too pooped.

It began all over again directly after we got home from brunch after church.

This beginning the time of much frustration on my part. I began to feel that this project was doomed. There were other things I had wanted to accomplish on my weekend. I did not expect it all to take two whole days. My angst was growing - until it all gathered and burst in one sorry second.

Due to partial stupidity of my own, and in large part to a plant in a pottery vessel I did an eye crunch with the vessel and MAJOR scratch to the left lens of my brand new glasses.

Let me tell you I thought some pretty nasty words, and vowed to have nothing more to do with the re-designing festivities.

This lasted only 20 minutes or so before my erstwhile able body was needed to hold the ladder.

The rest of the day went without incident and at 8:15 pm hubby and I curled up on the couch in our newly changed room, enjoyed the now enhanced features of our surround sound system (this system too had to change dynamics with the room) and watched Toy Story 2.

Now its Monday, and I want to tackle the bedroom next.

This was before - This is now

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