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9:32 a.m. - 2006-02-24

A Friday Pick-Me-Up

I sometimes forget that my migraines alter my personality. That is to say that when I woke up today I realized that the latter part of this week has been lived in a total funk. And the proof is in the pudding with my writing, except my writing doesn’t taste as good as pudding.

I digress – I got a good chuckle from one of my ‘new’ daily reads. She’s not (yet) on my front-page list of favourites, but she’s from down under and is on my D-land list of favourites. It seems there’s been some match making going on. I’m no Yenta, but I do love a good match making.

I tried it in the early stages of my life on D-land, but she’s gone and got herself engaged to some Angelic type creature – and it’s all good. It just isn’t the match I had been working on.

At least little Miss Thing was on the same continent - the same country in fact. But now – we’ve got a whole lot of ocean between the two contenders. How can we make the leap and get them met up in person. Or is that important … I suppose so. Not that looks are important, but its always nice to find out that the person you’ve been corresponding with is in fact the sex and species you need for your life and not the big fat lie that just got themselves a free airline ticket to a new country. I don’t think that’s the case here. I think this case is pretty much a good connection – just geographically unacceptable.

All this to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the ramblings of this spunky lady! It could not have come on a better day! My spirits have been greatly improved, which is a good place to be given we’re heading into a weekend.

And a huge thanks to all who shared encouragement and prayers for me this week. I felt them. Have a most splendiferous and stupendous weekend yourselves.

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