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4:20 p.m. - 2006-01-29

It was a dark and stormy Sunday

It's 4:20 on a windy, rainy Sunday afternoon, and I've just completed it!!! Yippy for me!!!

OK. Enough of being proud of something I should have done weeks ago. Back in the early part of January I received a good old-fashined paper journal from Ricky. His hopes are that this journal will continue on a trek around the world, with a variety of people writing in it, and eventually making it back to him. Well, it's hard to get the ball rolling when the journal sits on your 'to do' pile, staring at you every day. I could stand it no longer and finally wrote it's first entry.

I'm now waiting for the next victom participant to send me their snail mailing address so that I can send it on to them. I hope they respond, as I hope that many many more after them do as well.

It was kind of hard thinking up it's first entry. What does one say in a journal they'll never see again? I'm a little jealous and would like to fold myself into a little postcard or bookmark and attach myself within its pages. What a wonderful journey is ahead of this journal? I can't help but wonder how many countries it will visit? How many hands will touch its pages? And how long will it take to make it back to its place of origin in New Mexico?

It makes me want to start another one that will eventually make its way back to me, but not right now.

Anyway - as I said earlier - it's misserable out, which makes me want to cacoon myself away in my little room and read and craft and do all manner of inclement weather type activities. In fact ... I think I will.

Blessings - LJ

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