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8:35 a.m. - 2006-01-27

Movie Genre's and early mornings

I can't believe how fitting this feels for a Friday. This Blogthing quiz suits my inner voices ... Bwaahahahaha ...

However, I have only seen "The Royal Tanenbaum's", and didn't really like it.

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.

You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

I am thankful its Friday. Actually, I'm generally very thankful any given Friday that it is in fact Friday and I've survived another week. This one is no exception. I woke up for the first time this week not feeling tired. Which feels like a double edged sword. I should wake up every morning like this!! Shouldn't I.

On a completely different note: I'm losing one of my favourite Grade 5 Girls. Ginger is moving to Pheonix, AZ. She's quiet excited about it, and I am for her and her family in a way. She's just one of the bright sparks in my bunch, and always willing to give an encouraging hug to me. Those I will definitely miss.

That being said ... the rest of my Sunday School class are also wonderful young ladies that make getting up early Sunday mornings a pleasure. And for some unknown reason to me - they like me too. What's the dealio there??

Have an exceptionally exciting Friday!!!

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