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1:11 p.m. - 2006-01-13

Two versions of water

The rain continues – day 26 – with no relief in sight. I did see sunlight for about 30 minutes this morning, but it’s all back to overcast and dreary. Is there a Noah out there building an ark and no one told me?

Our church is doing a ‘Family Skate’ at a local arena early this evening. I’m kind of excited about it. Skating is something I did a lot when I was a kid. I lived in a climate that allowed dad’s to turn their back yard into outdoor arenas, and ponds became gathering places. Even when I was a teenager in Alberta we could put our skates on and skate on the roads and alleys. This, however, would potentially be damaging. Our skates did not fair well with the little bits of gravel that always found its way to the surface.

I absolutely love that song by Joanie Mitchell "If I had a river that I could skate away on." There's no ablum (yes I said Album) like her "Blue" album.

Then I moved to the coast and the word “ice” or “frozen” became a dirty word.

It’s just not the same skating inside. Skating around and around in a circle to really bad arena ‘muzac’. That said it’s been four years since I last donned my skates, and I’m looking for a little adventure. Who knows, my feet may very well have forgotten what to do on thin blades on slippery ice. I can’t wait to find out.

Besides – Its Friday – what a splendid way to start the weekend.

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