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11:43 a.m. - 2005-11-25

Good news and Bad news

Thereís good news and thereís bad news.

The good news is I finished my newsletter and itís all printed.

The bad news is I just found out there will be no new Gilmore Girls until January.

The good news is its Friday, and I can sleep in tomorrow.

The bad news my husband wants to put up the outside Christmas lights tomorrow.

The good news is Iím making good headway into my mom-in-laws Christmas gift.

The bad news is that they will be visiting with us overnight tomorrow and I wonít be able to work on it over the weekend.

The good news is I have over 30 Christmas cards completely finished.

The bad news is I have at least 30 more to do.

The good news is making those 30 more is still a labour of love.

The bad news is making these cards doesnít come cheap.

The good news is T and I will be going to be with my family in Jasper for Christmas.

The bad news is weíre not sure if we have a vehicle that will get us there.

The good news is that I like writing in my blog.

The bad news is that this entry is finished.

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