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9:14 a.m. - 2005-11-22

Updates all around!

Bringing everyone up to speed:

1) Spongebob has been released. Washing my hands isn’t nearly as fun anymore.

2) Ubber wonderful weekend away. Made 30 of my 60 (goal) Christmas cards. Gotta get the rest done before December 1st, because then I’ve got to move on to the letters and notes that go inside them.

I really enjoyed the time away. It was so peaceful and quiet, except for the friend who insisted we play nothing but Christmas music (don’t make me go there) and when there wasn’t Christmas music playing – the same friend who insisted on playing it, insisted on singing it. Her singing reminded me of when you accidentally scrape your knife or fork on your plate – yes folks it was that painful. It’s a good thing I appreciate her friendship.

We took in the “Honeymoon Bay Christmas Craft Fair” – the 12 or so booths were certainly worth the free admission. Very typical of a small community supported fair – a raffle table, a snack/food table, homemade soaps (non with any inanimate figures though) table, several ‘wood working’ type tables, and the one table that all small communities have – a table that a 10 year old lovingly put together will all the crafts she’s made over the year to sell at a fair for $1.00 a piece. Ya gotta buy from the kids when they do stuff like this – it’s too cute to pass up. (Well, I suppose if you were a guy you’d pass on this particular experience, but you understand what I mean).

I came away without purchasing a single thing. Even surrounded with such amazing booty as a wall plaque with a small wooden hammer striking a quarter glued on to a board – it was aptly named “A quarter pounder”. Or the little 2 inch high wooden structure resembling a shack with a handful of tacks hammered into the pseudo floorboards – labelled “Tax Shelter”. And the peas-de-resistance – a small plastic bag with a label that read “Lumberjack’s Jigsaw Puzzle – 500 pieces / easy, 1,000 pieces / intermediate, and 15,000 pieces for expert”. You turn the bag over to see it is full of wood shavings.

That’s exactly the kind of stuff I grew up with at home. No wonder I moved out when I was 18.

3) When I got home on Sunday night I hade a movie date with my husband to see “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. It was fantastic. I wanted to stay and see it again. They did a good job with this one. Well done, I say!

And now it’s back to normal – whatever ‘normal’ means anymore.

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