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12:02 p.m. - 2005-11-18

A happy husband makes a happy wife

Yay! Today is Friday! I am so very thankful. As I stated earlier this week I’m heading out with a couple of friends to a house on a lake up island. AND as I also stated, the hubby is not receiving the new well. However … we finally received the notice that his DCC Zepher has arrived. I know you’re saying to yourself - “What the heck is a DCC Zepher anyway?” Well ask a model train enthusiast and they’ll tell you. If I understand it right DCC stands for Digital Direct Command. Basically – driving your trains wirelessly.

All this to say that all his worrying about ‘being alone with nothing to do’ has ceased to be a problem. He will be so absorbed in his new toy this weekend that he won’t even notice that I’m gone. God has amazing timing.

I on the other hand will be quietly enjoying the company of my women friends in the far off land of Cowichan Lake. Crafting, sleeping, chatting and generally relaxing. What fun! I would other wise be a train modeler's widow.

If all goes well and we get back to town on Sunday in time, I have a movie date with my guy. Harry Potter is back on the scene as of tonight and I can barely wait until Sunday to see it.

Yes, it’s true – not only am I a Spongebob junkie, but I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan.

Where will it end?

In the meantime and in between times – I’ll be rubber stamping my heart out, and lovin’ it! See ya!

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