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11:20 a.m. - 2005-11-02

Sentences beggining with "I"

Iím cheating on entries again. Please forgive me, but this one from This is Ö seemed a little different. Give it a try.

I cry: when I watch movies when star-crossed lovers just donít get it, and someone gets hurt. Or a major character in a Harry Potter novel dies.
I fell: head over heels for my husband very early in our relationship.
I hope: to some day be out of debt
I believe: that the sound of a laughing child will cure a hurting heart
I dance: only when no one is watching. Itís pretty bad.
I can't stand: ignorant, self-absorbed people
I worry: constantly, even though I know better
I love: my husband, my church family, my friends
I don't think: Iíll ever be a successful writer
I say: far too much, when least needed
I know: that I am loved
I will always: underestimate my abilities
I learn: best when taught creatively
I miss: The Flying Nun, Get Smart, and H.R. Puffinstuff
I hide: when Iíve been hurt or misunderstood
I listen to: my husbands wise counsel, but very little music
I'm always trying to: find new subjects to write about humorously for my blog
I care: deeply about people
I regret: very little, but use the experiences to propel me to be a better person
I feel: like Iíve got a migraine coming on, and I want to go home for a nap
I need: better drugs Ė to take care of the above mentioned topic
I crave: better drugs Ė to take care of the above mentioned topic
I fear: dieing alone
I hate: using the word hate in a sentence. Itís a very strong word
I love: seeing people succeed through their struggles
I hurt: when I see tragic lose, or unexplained misfortune
I would: give more money away Ė if I had it
I should: clean my house
I think: that this has been a very good experiment
I won't: ever be a billionaire
I don't: like phone solicitation of any kind
I'll be: home for lunch soon
I have: made many new friends through Diaryland
I am: your favourite Mugwhump!

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