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10:35 a.m. - 2005-10-24

Weekends A Blurr

Friday seemed interminable. Could you tell by my entry? My work day came to a close, and the evening whipped by – how unfair!

Here we are at Monday already, and I can hardly believe it. Weekend was far to busy ending with the Annual General Meeting of our church yesterday. Being on staff means a ‘must’ in attendance. Which is ok, but you know . . . sometimes these kinds of events feel like you’d rather be in the dentist chair experiencing a root canal without anaesthetics.

Our AGM’s have improved over the last few years. Generally we’ve approached them with great trepidation. Knowing you could very well be walking into a lion’s den. However, as we’ve grown and shifted with new leadership styles, things have evened out. Praise God!!

I find that I ‘wear’ Sunday’s at the best of time, but having this meeting after all that already goes on on a Sunday - I was exhausted!! Then to have to turn around and go grocery shopping afterwards. NOT my favourite pastime!

I honestly thought I was coming down with the flu last night. Tired, head felt weird, body aches. Oh no – here it comes. But after a very hot bath, a good read in the tub and a whole lot of sweating, I began to revive.

Here I am today – Monday – ready (sorta) to meet my week head on. Ok, maybe not head on, but more of a glancing blow kind of week. And if we play our cards right – we will have absolutely NOTHING on the radar for the weekend. Except remembering to change our clocks back an hour on Saturday night. Whewww Whooo – an extra hour of sleep!!! Or … an extra hour to stay up and watch movies (thereby defeating the purpose of gaining an hour of potential sleep)!!!!

Here’s a little quiz to start your Monday off. What Herb Are you?


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Cheers & Blessings - LJ

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