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4:08 p.m. - 2005-10-25

An encouraging sort of day

Is it just me . . . . or is everyone tired these days?

I woke up pretty spry this morning, but that was short lived, and I won't go into it.

Let me just say - I found it very hard to concentrate on what I was trying to accomplish in my quite time. But in the end, as my husband left early, I was able to center my thoughts and focus on the day ahead.

One of the things I have had the best of intentions to do (as we all know - the road to hell is paved with good intentions) was to be encouraging to others.

But what I've wanted to do is send the 7 or so Grade 5 girls that I have with my Sunday morning group a little card of "hello" from me. I love to get mail, and in particular, it was very exciting when I was 10. Who could possibly want to send a 10 year old mail? This always marked a special day for me as a kid. Which was different than getting Birthday mail. That was somewhat expected.

So my task today was to write in the 7 cards that I had made, and get them in the mail. I wanted these girls to know that they are special to me. I hope this accomplishes that. I've just now popped the 7 letters in the mail.

If I have done nothing else today - I've tried to brighten the day of a child. And that is more reward than I can say.

Our society does not do enough to build each other up. We're absorbed in finding fault in people, AND letting them know it.

I challenge you today - go out and encourage someone - anyone. Tell them they look nice. They've done a good job. Or they're special to you. We all need to hear that sometimes.

This is not to say I want you to say these things to me. I already know who you are, and where to find you. I'm thankful you're out there.

Blessings - LJ

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