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3:27 p.m. - 2005-04-28

Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

All you single out there – who sleep alone … Enjoy that big bed all to yourself!! Enjoy it, or I’ll come after you with a sharp stick!

We have a Queen size bed, and frankly – it just ain’t big enough. I am incomprehensively thankful that it’s not a water bed.

Neither my husband nor myself have been sleeping very well lately. Him because he’s worried about …. Work …. Van …. $$. I haven’t been sleeping well because hubby tosses and turns and tosses and turns to ad nauseam because he’s stressed out and I wear it.

And when I don’t sleep well I get really peevish. Yes, it’s true – I get down right cantankerous! (Just in case you think I’m all daisy’s and butterfly’s all the time).

So, if you are so blessed as to sleep in a giant bed all by yourself – you better darn well be enjoying this moment in time. Grrrrrrr ….!!!!!!

However, I am not ...!!!!!

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