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3:07 p.m. - 2005-03-08

Montage and minutes

Check this site out. You put in a key word, it does a word search and “poof” you get a montage based on the word(s). I put in Mugwhump, and it brought up the coolest montage featuring my very one, hand knitted SpongeBob Squarepants. The one that sits on my computer watching me work each day. (I use the word “work” loosely. This playin’ around can hardly be condoned as work).


Just a little more levity in what is building up to be a doozey of a week. I cannot seem to shake the migraines. Today is no exception. I accomplish absolutely nothing on Tuesday’s. They are filled to overflowing with meetings. And at one of those meetings I have to take minutes. I hate taking minutes. I dislike trying to hear what people are saying and write the thoughts down. I really struggle with not writing my own feelings down about the subject being discussed. I’m infamous for putting words into people’s mouths. Not a good thing when one is taking minutes. Did I mention I hate taking minutes?

Tonight will be a quiet one. We’ve got the Amazing Race to settle in for, and if I’m lucky I may carve some time out to read or do a little crafting. I have several March birthday’s to create cards for.

Speaking of which - - - - - no - - - - I won’t go there. I wish my husband were more of a planner. I wish that he wish he was the kind of guy that would dream up wonderful romantic get-away’s. But :: he’s not, and I love him none-the-less. It’s more a matter of me changing my expectations. Me KNOWING I have to express my hopes, wants, desires more, because he just doesn’t pick up on those kinds of things. Ah . . . . forgive me for my mini-rant. I’m basically a deeply selfish person who is always in want of getting my own way. (must work on that).

With that – I leave you for another day - LJ

Ok - I'll throw it in anyway - 8 more days ... :-)

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