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9:27 a.m. - 2005-02-14

Black V Day

My last years entry regarding Valentine’s Day still stands. With the two small exceptions:

1) the P.S. at the bottom - My $2 investment has been well worth it.

2) my husband had better bye me flowers. Regardless of how he feels about Valentine’s day!!!!! I want them. I've earned them. And if he doesn't -I'll be driving down to the overpriced florists to by them for myself anyway!

And for the rest of you – if you’re single try to ignore everything negative about today. Try to focus in on your wonderful, supportive friends. Being ‘in’ relationship is not always what you think it might be. The grass is not always green on the other side of the fence. Sometimes it has just as much cow manure as your side does!

And that's no bull!


Did anyone notice that I FINALLY figured out how to change the font? I'm so proud of myself I think I'll go bye me some flowers!!! Which do you like better? The 'comic sans' of my entry? Or the 'jester' of my Other Reads?

This was before - This is now

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