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2:41 p.m. - 2004-12-13

Christmas Wish Lists

What do you do with a man who wants nothing, needs nothing, and won’t make a wish list?

Since being married (this will be our third Christmas) we have taken up the tradition of putting our individual wish lists on pieces of paper and putting on the fridge. Ok, Ok, the truth is I start a wish list for each of us, and promptly fill mine to overflowing. I figure that ‘what the heck!’ wish my heart away, it doesn’t mean I’m expecting any of the stuff. In fact I’m always surprised when I do receive something from my list. But the hubby . . . I’m constantly perplexed on what to get him, or something that would please him.

We are not commercially driven folk. We don’t need the newest gadgets and gizmo’s. In fact – we rarely buy anything that isn’t necessity. (This is not reflection on Laura-Jane, and her new shoes. I believe she deserves them!). But I have always felt that at this one time of the year, you can and should wish big. That is of course within the knowledge of reasonable expectations.

As I write this, I am reflective of an entry I wrote back in May. I didn’t know what to get T for his birthday either. Oh the dilemmas of relationship.

I would like to add at this point that there is not ONE Spongebob Squarepants item on my list. . . actually – I lied – there is one item that I would like, but it’s not on my list yet. I’m resorting to broad, ubiquitous, scopic hints. I can’t help myself, with my husband hints, verbal messages, e-mails, letters, cards, or notes don’t seem to get my intendment through.

Maybe this is why I can’t seem to get him to put anything on his wish list either.

What’s a girl to do?

Cheers – LJ

P.S. My ONE Spongebob item does fall under necessity. It’s a square trash bin with Spongey’s face on it that I can use in my craft room. Just in case anyone is paying attention to the fact that I said we weren’t “commercially driven folk”, or “we rarely buy anything that isn’t necessity”. This trash bin is neither ‘commercially driven’, or unnecessary in the strictest sense of the word. Really!

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