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9:50 a.m. - 2004-12-02

Going Deeper

I started an entry this morning that I'm finding is hard to find the words, but that I need to share the thoughts here. Instead of pushing the words out, I've decided to mull them over a bit. And in its place I've decided to post a poem I came across as I was searching my bible for something else. I often find little gems of stuff, and keep them in my bible for safe keeping. I don't know how long I've carried this one with me, but today I share it with you. It speaks to my heart, and I recognize that it may not speak to yours, but thats ok. We don't have 'to get' everything we read from others. Right?

I hadn't realized how much clutter I had accumulated,
piled high in my heart-room, blocking
your entrance
and my exit.
And I wonder ... when did I become afraid:
a stationary adult where once an unencumbered child ran

I have begun
to turn again, to see
the kindly look in your eyes,
the hand always outstretched in greeting,
the laughter and companionship waiting
and your table laid for a feast.

I am the guest.
Wrap me with yourself as I leave the rags and fears behind
and start running
to you.

Sarah Mayers I realize I post this without permission. Sarah Mayers - whoever you are - please forgive me.

Have a blessed day - LJ

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