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9:39 a.m. - 2004-11-30

Intolerant Opinionation

I fell upon a new blog to me yesterday - Tales of a Farm Wife and I enjoyed a thought provoking read on tolerance. I must admit the read caused me to ponder my own attitude to tolerance. Do I, or donít I? Will I, or wonít I? And in the end I think Iíve come to the conclusion that Iíve got a lot of work to do on the topic.

But what I also weighed with forethought, even more was by asking myself Ė what is it that draws me towards certain styles of writing over others? The conclusion I came to Ė or at least based on my frame of mind at the time Ė was that I enjoy poring over particular writing styles Ė opinionated and thought provoking (with the exception of American politics), but I fail to write these kinds of entries. What I donít care to read so much Ė the ins and outs of daily life (i.e. I heard Muffy say to Biff, that she saw Midge hanginí out with Rocky, whoís supposed to be going steady with Shaquanna), that is basically all I ever write.

Side note: The names have been changed to protect the innocent. That and I really donít know anyone named Shaquanna.

I consider myself to be very opinionated at times, but totally uncomfortable with expressing it. No Ė I tend to save my opinionated opinions and share them mostly with my T. Poor guy. He knew that before I married him.

Kudos to all of you who write so exceptionally, and express a concept well, and so openly.

Now, I must go back to contemplation of tolerance. Do I, or donít I? Is tolerance (or lack of) different than judging? Is being opinionated a different form of intolerance?

Thought provokingly yours (I hope), LJ

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