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3:50 p.m. - 2004-06-21


Having Migraines BITES!!!!!!!!!! Iíve started this entry several times in the course of this day, and each time I get frustrated and delete it all. You have no idea the number of rabbit holes I could have taken you down, but no Ė I canít formulate a thought or sentence to save my life.

How does a Migraine enter the picture you ask? (Or maybe not, but youíll read about it anyway). Iíll tell you Ė Weíve been having some fantastic hot weather here over the last 10 days or so. Towards the end of last week (Friday afternoon) there looked like, and Environment Canada predicted, a thunderstorm approaching. Iím not exactly sure which comes first the barometric pressure changing and causing cloud change, or visa-versa. Whatever the cause and result . . . . it gives me a headache. AND when that headache goes unattended to (putting off taking Tylenol or Advil), it turns into a migraine (and then putting off taking a prescription drug to long . . .). So . . . here I am almost 4 days later with a mind blowing migraine.

My husband, in an odd mathematical state of mind, rented a video call Pie (or rather the mathematical symbol for). It had to do with this man, who as a child took a serious head injury. As he grew he became more and more genius, but the black side of this was that his genius ness came with vicious, all consuming migraines. He was within a millisecond of solving Pie (unheard of in the math world) when his migraine got so bad he took a drill to his head to stop the pain. This rendered him back down to mediocre intelligence level, but alive.

I tell you this because this is how I feel when I get these things. I am not, however, a genius by any stretch of the imagination. And fear not Ė I would not intentionally take a drill to my head.

So all of this to say Ė I did NOTHING this weekend. I did not get out and enjoy the fantastic weather. I did not create any mystifying diary entries. I did not have a fun time in any way shape or form. Although, T did take me on a drive to Dairy Queen on Saturday night. An Ice cream and a nice reprieve from the walls that make up our house.

I would like to add here that as Iíve been reading Rufus Monkís entries Ė I think Iíll keep my migraines. I canít complain in the grand scheme of things. Out of our afflictions comes some truly good writing.

Speaking of inspirational writing. Thank you to all who responded to my Ďmusesí questions. I appreciate what all of you had to say, and the way you said them.

Cheers > LJ

P.S. Ė the Thunderstorm never materialized. I love a good thunderstorm, and we just donít get them out here.

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