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9:41 a.m. - 2004-06-17

Not an ordinary entry

I've been looking over my entries lately, and I've decided that I've fallen short on the creative side. When I first started on Diaryland all my words seemed so fresh, fun, and new. The internet Thesaurus was my friend. I loved the way my wordsmithing came together.

Now . . . . yuk..pew..boring!

How does one regain that zest for verbology? That "umph" that comes from the inner soul? I need to reconnect with it.

I have no stories. I get inspired when I read other writers on-line, and yet I continue to fall short. To be perfectly honest - I'm looking out my office window - its a beautiful hot sunny Thursday morning, and all I really want to do is move the office outside and work. Ahh, possibly that would give me the vitamin E infusion that my demiurgic juices need.

Question for the day (survey if you will):

What is your muse? What helps you write? What makes your creative juices flow? Is there a particular hour of the day?

Please answer these question in my guestbook, notes, or even e-mail me. I'd love to know your secret(s).

One more question - Is your writing an honest reflection of the person you present to the world? Or is it a reflection that you only share on-line with annonymity?

(I don't expect this question to be answered by many, if any. It is an answer that would be guarded safely by me - never to be shared outside of the confines of my e-mail.)

Obvioulsy my mood today is rather reflective.

Thoughtfully - LJ

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