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3:56 p.m. - 2004-03-11

Ya give me fever

I guess you could say that after all the 'excitement' of the weekend my body caught up . . . . When I woke up Tuesday morning my throat was not very obliging at first. A little croaky and slightly sore. "OH Great!" I says to self! Self had no words to reply. I didn't need this this week, but I went about my day trying not to strain anything to much. As my afternoon slowly eked on I started to feel more and more sluggish.

By 7pm I had a raging fever of over 38 C (100 F), aches and pains and chills galore. This persisted through yesterday. Called in sick from work and everything. I always feel tremendously guilty about calling in sick. As if I could truly drag my sorry butt in! I suppose its because I love to share . . . . my pens, my pencils, my lunch, my chocolate . . . . my germs. We're all one big family anyway - right. (T is getting sick too now)

Anyway - I am back to work today. Fever came down enough this morning to qualify me as "workable". Can't wait to go home and crash, but thought I should give you a quick update in the mean time.

My next quandy is . . . . T and I are supposed to have people over tomorrow night to celebrate his completing his Thesis, and my upcoming birthday. Neither one of us are ever very comfortable having groups of people in, but I figure we needed to be more social and this was a good reason to be hospitable.

Now I'm thinking . . . tomorrow - not so good. Besides - it really means I HAVE to clean the house tonight!!! I SOOO don't feel like it.

AND - we're heading up Island to visit with the in-laws (must conserve energy) on Saturday.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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