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3:02 p.m. - 2004-02-08

Weeds are us

Hurray for me! For the first time this year I was able to go play in the garden. OK "play" may not be the correct or appropriate term, but because it was an opportunity out of the norm, a warm sunny Saturday when neither my husband or myself HAD to go anywhere . . . I took advantange of a situation. You have no idea what a wonderful stress releiver it is to yank up gross prickly spinny weeds (which basically represent our front yard). The exhileration of finding bulbs beginning to pop up their beautiful green shutes. Dark rich soil, begging to be rousted from the dormant winter season.

T and I have only lived in this house since the middle of October. So this outing yesterday was very exciting. I have no idea what has previously been planted in the patches. At present there seems to be a lot of weeds and dead things. "Things" that were probably at one time beautiful vibrant growth, but after a couple of years of neglect have turned into - dead things - of unknown origin. I am very much looking forward to planning what I want to grow and bring more homeyness to this house. Dalia's are my first choice, but probably mixed in will be other assorted plants with colour. What joy!

I had hoped to resume my weeding (which will now not stop until next fall), but this afternoon has clouded over. No sun - no fun. Just a little more patience and I will have all the sun and warmth I need, want, and desire.

T on the other hand . . . . enviously watches each motorcycle as it passes. For him - yesterday way a lemming day - a day when goose necking while driving can get you into trouble. He too will soon enjoy his favourite passtime as winter fades and spring joins the ranks of the living again.

Unfortunately the sunshine seemed to bring out the lemming in many people of pedestrian or vehicular movement. Or is that just a trait of Victoria streets.

A beef to leave you with today - why is it that when people are driving and they come to a corner that they will be making - they have to begin by pulling over to the right hand side of the road first before turning left? And vice versa for a right hand turn. Can someone please explain this to me? Do they think they're driving tanks or something? Pleeeeezzzzee!

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