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2:05 p.m. - 2004-02-06

The Virtues of Spongebob

My entries seem to follow more along the lines of secret confessions these days. So here's one more.


There - I've said it! Phewww - what a relief.

What - you may ask, is the value of Spongebob and his pals. Well I've decided that it's high time to list a few (and things we can relate too):

1) He's a loyal friend - thick or thin

2) Looks don't matter to him

3) Doesn't follow trends

4) He's a dedicated employee

5) Respects all living creatures

6) Underestimates his own abilities

7) He lives on his own

8) Shows no racial biases

9) Can laugh at his mistakes

10) Still allows himself to get silly

11) Dependable

12) He's not afraid to take chances

13) Ok - he's a little slow sometime, but aren't we all?

Well - I just know there are more points I can find. Just give me time.

In the meantime - don't think ill of me for enjoying something so silly. We all need a good laugh sometimes. Right now - Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr Krabb, Squidward, and Gary brighten up my day just a little.

(I suppose this goes along with the previous enty - I may possibly watch just a little too much televion)

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