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12:25 p.m. - 2007-05-07

End of one, Beginning of another


We're through I'm afraid.

You've taught me a lot, and I've met some extremely wonderful people through you, but I just can't take your break-downs anymore.

You didn't want to easily take changes. You fought me to make you look prettier, more presentable. And if you were willing - you wanted money for it.

I just can't play those games anymore.

So .... where does that leave us?

To be honest - I've been wooed by another, and we've already had our first date. It was so lovely and nice, and came without struggles and grumbling. AND they didn't beg me for money. It's completely 'dutch treat'.

With that - I must bid you adieu. If you want to want to come by and visit you can find me here:

I wish you all the best.


This was before - This is now

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