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2:32 p.m. - 2007-04-12

An Unadventuresome Life

I wish I had some fantastic wondrous tale of adventure and delight to tell you �� but I don�t.

It�s Thursday of a shortened week (after a wondrous, delightful, relaxed 4 day Easter weekend) and my life has flown by in a blitz of busyness. It�s all good, but it certainly doesn�t make for a lot of adventure.

We (hubby and me) did go for a drive on Sunday to look at a little house we�re interested in possibly purchasing. Looking for ones first home purchase IS an exciting adventure. It�s also a little overwhelming at the thought of the costs involved.

Oh My Lanta! Purchasing a home is no small endeavour.

I promise to keep you posted as we continue on this journey to maturity and ownership.

Blessings � LJ

P.S. They�ve taken the �little white house� off the market. We don�t know why, and we�ve got a super-sleuth friend looking into it for us. This might not be the place for us, only time will tell, but it sure is fun dreaming ;-)
P.S.S. to my P.S. After posting the above entry I found out that the little white house sold. I'm a little disappointed, but I know that there's a better place for us just waiting to discover it, just around the corner. God's got it all planned out.

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