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7:56 p.m. - 2007-04-01

Endings & Beginnings

I start in my new position at work tomorrow. Did I even tell you about it? I don't know. I don't know much any more. All I do know is that life is changing drastically as of 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Carol's (our Receptionist)last day was Friday, and thus begins the first of a few departures of staff I've grown to love and respect. I'm not stranger to change in our church office. After 8 and a half years of the joint . . . I've seen a few changes.

I've (in the last year) been the assistant to the Executive Pastor, and as of tomorrow I'm now the sole office support for 5 Pastor's, as well I'll be doing Reception and as soon as they can train me - I'll be doing the bookkeeping!!! All of this on a low wage, and a church that has a million point two yearly budget.

Please, please, please pray for me. I'm trying not to be to anxious, but the whole job description is a little overwhelming. I know that I'm in God's hands, but still .....

I will not complain. I will take this head on (with God's help), and if nothing else - I will be better trained for something else. For that matter, I do have a job offer if this doesn't work out. I just hope I don't burn out in the meantime.

I must stay on the positivbe side.

This was before - This is now

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