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8:23 a.m. - 2007-03-13

Quick update

Just when you're hoping that life will calm down and you can take a breath - it all gears up again.

Although I did enjoy my third Friday of five, I came back to work yesterday feeling completely unrested and ready to launch into another week.

I know, I know - - whine, beach, and complain. I really have nothing to trouble over. I'm still just tired.

The final verdict and stamp of approval came down from our Elders here at church last night. Today I'm hoping that the decision about who's staying and who's going, and who's jobs are modified should begin to come down. We, as staff, have been living in the tension of limbo and not knowing for over two months now. It's taken its toll on all of us. Unfortunately, the church is not foreign to the concept of speculation and gossip. And our minds are all racing to figure out what is going to happen to us.

I don't need this!

On a completely different, yet equally depressing, note - since my mom died on August 31 I have had approximately 12-15 friends who have had one or other of their parents pass away. I recognize that its part of being "that age", but .... come on .... give us a break and ease up a little. I feel like I've been in perpetual mourning for over six months. I cannot grieve alongside any more people. Yet death, like taxes, are a given in the world. You cannot avoid either for very long.

OK, I am determined to end this entry on a good song. T and I went to an open house on the weekend. A duplex that we both like very much, and is within our price range. Unfortunately (oh, heck - I didn't want to use that word) the timing sucks. Due to one thing or another, we are unable to seriously consider purchasing for another 4 to 6 months. And the likelihood that this particular property will still be on the market is slim to none.

However, although this also feels like an exercise in futility - hunting for houses and looking into peoples homes is quite fun. It feels like our first year of marriage all over again. It feels like 'playing house'. Just a little fun stuff in the midst of complete and utter chaos!

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