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3:31 p.m. - 2006-12-13

Wet thinking and reflections

I was reflecting, as I stood in the shower this morning, some of the oddities that have struck me as a married person verses a single person.

As a single person I was generally of the opinion that for the most part the way I did things was the way that most people did things. Like going to bed at 10pm Ö..

I know this is not held true. I know there are a variety of ways and whys of doing something.

This is exactly what Iíve been learning as a married person.

Hence Ö... my reflections during my shower this morning.

So I pose a question or two to you:

1) When in the shower do you stand and face the shower head, or turn your back on it? (My husband and I are opposites on this one. I think itís mostly due to our height difference. But weíll see what you have to say.)

2) Do you leave the bath mat down all the time, or up when not in use?

3) Do you keep your shower curtain on one particular side, when not in use?

4) Toilet seat . . . . . up or down?

Just some reflections on matters that will never shake the earth, but Iím wondering how the rest of the world views them.


Iím sorry Iíve been very absent lately. I havenít kept up on my writing, and I certainly havenít been keeping up with my reading of you. That is not to say youíve been far from my thoughts. I miss my blogging friend when their not around. As Christmas time approaches Iím finding this year particularly hard. Iím tired, worn out, and somewhat indifferent. Everything I do seems to take any energy I have held in reserve. Praise God I am on holidays (pseudo) from Dec. 23rd through January 3rd. So please forgive me for not dropping by and having a little catch-up with you. I know Iíll be doing better soon. Maybe with the help of the new laptop thatís on its way Ė Iíll be more apt to curl up in bed and visit with you a little more.

Blessings - LJ

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