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3:15 p.m. - 2006-12-07

Dancing around the world and in my dreams

I saw this video 6 months or so ago, and then saw it again this morning. I think itís pretty cool. This guy - Matt danced his way around the world, and made this video to prove it. I must admit Iím incredibly jealous (in a good way), this sounds like it would have been amazing fun. Kudos Matt

Speaking of morning Ö.. I have had the weirdest dreams (again). The other morning I dreamt that I was on a tour bus Ö... going ÖÖ. somewhere. Iím not exactly sure. But we had stopped for the night and we needed to check in individually into our hotel.

First Ė I couldnít get off the bus until I took my sleeping mat out from under the seats. And for some reason, in the back of my mind was that the mat was for my father (who is actually dead) but he wasnít anywhere to be seen.

I wasnít able to take my suitcase with me Ė they wouldnít allow it, but I was allowed to take one item from my suitcase. That one item I chose was a pair of socks. Why I chose my socks, I cannot tell you, but clutch them desperately in my hand then entire time!

Once I was in the hotel, and was in search for my room Ė I was getting lost amongst the maze of halls that made up this old hotel. To add trials to tribulations I kept banging into things with the large sleeping mat, still all the while madly clutching my socks in fear of losing the one thing I had from my personal belongings.

It was all very frustrating. I never did find my room, although I wandered into any number of other peoples rooms. Thankfully no one got mad at me or threaten to call security.

I finally woke up and vowed NEVER to take a tour bus anywhere. It was all together an extremely vivid dream. Lots of colours, noise, and smells. Iíve been dreaming a lot in technicolor lately, which I tend to do when Iíve over tired. It proves for very entertaining viewing.

Iíll tell you about the one I had this morning too, but Iíll hold off until my next entry.

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