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11:27 a.m. - 2006-11-28

Lost and FOUND!

I thought, with this cold snap, that I was going to have to start scouring the neighbourhood. I could see myself putting up wanted posters reading:

“LOST: One Stray Cat, who doesn’t answer to anything or anyone!”

(with this picture)
Stinky Pete repose

This is our stray visitor Stinky Pete. He left our house on Saturday morning, in the rain and we hadn’t seen him since. T and I were getting very worried about him out in all the snow, and the cold. Last night I even asked that the Lord would bring Stinky by for a visit just to let us know he was all right.

This morning I woke up around ten minutes before my alarm was to go off, and something prompted me to go look out our living room window. Sure enough – there was Pete – staring in, and meowing at us to let him in.

Thank you Lord!

I know it seems silly to pray over an animal when there are so many other things that need praying for, but this little creature has wormed his way completely into our hearts, and it hurts me to think of him stuck outside in this in climate weather.

Speaking of in climate weather …. Winter Sucks! And I recognize that the rest of Canada is laughing at us (thank you very much Lindzee of Alberta!, but you don’t seem to realize the enormity of this on Victoria. There are people who are without power, and are being told that they will probably continue to be without power for up to 4 days. It’s cold here – for Victoria. They’re talking about it probably going down to -15 C (rough equivalence to zero degrees Fahrenheit). That’s cold for a city that rarely sees below zero degrees Celcius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). So laugh all you want Edmonton!!! Calgary!!! Toronto!!! You just remember where you come to vacation when you’re tired of the long fallwinterspring you experience. And I promise to try not to gloat when we’re counting flower blossoms in mid February!

Winter sucks!!!

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